Studio Policies

Required Materials

  • A flute in good working condition
  • Notebook to keep track of weekly assignments and daily progress
  • Cleaning cloth (cotton/silk) and cleaning rod (wood/plastic)
  • Metronome
  • Solo music and other method books as deemed necessary

Practicing & Notebook

Regular practice is a necessity for students to progress. I require students to practice at the minimum:

  • Beginner/6th grade: 30 minutes a day (we will work up to this as lessons progress)
  • Intermediate/7th & 8th grade: 30-45 minutes a day
  • Advanced/High school: 45 minutes-1 hour a day

Encourage your student to perform for you and others as often as possible! This is a great way for parents to be involved and for your student to gain experience playing for an audience. I recommend students take responsibility for their lessons by keeping track of their progress in their lesson notebook. Lesson notebooks should record practicing progress, metronome markings, and can also include goals, notes on flutists and memorable performances, and other inspiring ideas.

At the first lesson, students should bring their instrument, material they’ve been working on and lesson tuition for the month.

Lesson Tuition

The year is divided into three trimesters: Fall (September through December), Spring (January through May), and Summer (June through August).

Lesson fees are due at the first lesson of each month and should include the exact number of lessons that will be given–I will email you an invoice in advance for the month. Lessons will be held weekly. Any late payments paid after the second lesson of the month will include a $20 late fee.

Attendance & Missed Lesson Policy

When determining whether lessons are right for your student, please keep in mind that a few months of study will not benefit the student as much as committing to the entire year. Achieving goals takes time. Please consider the financial commitment for each trimester before beginning lessons.

It is imperative for both the student and parent to take the commitment to lessons seriously. Please schedule accordingly to avoid missed lessons due to doctor appointments or extracurricular activities. If a student is late, the remaining time scheduled will constitute the complete lesson.

  1. Notify me in advance if you need to miss a lesson so we can reschedule. 24 hrs is preferred, but I will take into account extenuating circumstances. I ask for advance notice so we can reschedule instead of canceling.
  2. Lessons missed without prior notification will still be charged (except emergencies).
  3. Lessons that I cancel will be rescheduled and any tuition applied to the next month if we cannot arrange a make-up. Please keep in mind I have a busy schedule during the school year and cannot always accommodate everyone.

Austin Flute Society & Recommended Events

I encourage every student become a member of the Austin Flute Club Society (student rate is $20 for the school year). Membership gains entry into recitals and classes for free or at discounted rates. These events are fabulous ways for students to gain motivation and inspiration, learn new skills, meet flute friends, try out new instruments, and have positive musical experiences.

Recommended outside events:

  • Austin Flute Society Region Music Master class in October
  • Austin Flute Society Flute Festival in the spring
  • Cedar Park Winds, Austin Symphony & Lyric Opera, UT Wind Ensemble or UT Symphony Orchestra concerts

Resources, Repairs and Buying New Instruments

When ordering music, make sure it is in stock. Music stores will offer to back-order music, but it may take a long time to arrive.

Please contact me before purchasing or renting new instruments. I want to help each student find their perfect flute no matter the price range. I may also be able to find better prices or a higher quality instrument & am more than happy to assist in purchasing instruments. I’ve worked with the following shops in the past and am happy to get flutes on trial for students to play test.

Withdrawing From Lessons

If you decide to withdraw from lessons, I require 2 weeks notification. This allows the student to work towards completing the concepts being taught, therefore finishing lessons with a sense of accomplishment. If you choose not to fulfill these lessons, payment is still required and will not be reimbursed.

Any student who is consistently unprepared or consistently pays late will be asked to discontinue lessons.

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