Exotic Forest

As summer sets in and upcoming gigs still seem very far off, I’ve decided to take up saxophone lessons. I recently acquired an instrument and have been messing around at home, it still sounds pretty terrible but it’s exciting learning something new!

My friends in the Austin psych rock band Sungod have been experimenting with delay and tape loops, and recently released a new album of sprawling drone, synth driven space rock, and cosmic beats, all tightly knit around this cool little Sun Ra cover that I played on, Exotic Forest. The other songs are wildly eclectic and evolve unexpectedly, starting with a rambling blues inspired jam, moving through drone, pulsing techno beats, minimalism and tape loops. I had a lot of fun recording with these guys and am way excited for some upcoming shows with them later this summer! Be on the lookout for upcoming dates. Check out our take on Sun Ra: http://ssssssungoddddd.bandcamp.com/track/exotic-forest

I teach for a fantastic non-profit, Anthropos Arts, that funds lessons for at-risk and low-income students across the Austin, Texas area. Through this program students receive private lessons free of charge, and play concerts at venues across Austin alongside other students and with professional performing musicians. My students totally rocked out at Stubb’s and I couldn’t be prouder! Check out pics from our concert below:





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