Summer Flute Camps

I am pleased to offer incoming 6th, 7th, & 8th grade flute players at Cedar Park Middle School the opportunity to get a head start before school starts! Band directors have told me they see a huge improvement in overall skill level when kids sign up for camp before school begins.

Beginner & Region Summer Camp

Cedar Park Middle School Band Hall

2100 Sun Chase Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613

August 2022 10AM-11:30AM

To access the band hall, drive into the Cypress Creek entrance closest to the athletic fields and drop students off near the side entrance by the sign for Fine Arts. The band hall door is located to the right of the glass double doors. Come inside and say hello before camp begins!

Beginner Camp (for incoming 6th grade) focuses on teaching beginning concepts of posture, air, embouchure, instrument assembly, hand position, first sounds and getting the basics of playing the instrument. We review how to read music, play rhythm games, and start building breath capacity so students have enough air to play effectively. I provide silk cleaning cloths for all attendees.

Head Start Region Camp (7th & 8th grade) gives students the opportunity to get back in shape and learn the District etudes and scales before school begins! We will review basics of posture, air, breathing, and tone production, but will focus heavily on scales and region etudes. All students need to bring is their instrument and a pencil! I provide silk cleaning cloths for all attendees.

Floot Fire Austin

I also am happy to be one of many fantastic teachers involved with the Austin contingent of Floot Fire Camp! This camp gives students the opportunity to study many different subjects related to music and flute playing. The camp includes classes on: breathing, tone, articulation, intonation, vibrato, technique, stage presence, practice habits, body mapping, big flutes, Alexander Technique, yoga for flutists, and much more! Students also get a chance to listen to a professional recital everyday, participate in a masterclass, play chamber music, and perform in flute choir. You can register online here.

Please contact me to sign up for summer head start camps or with any questions:

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