Student Repertoire

Students progress in lessons through advancement of technique, tone development, and learning new material. By diligent practice of the following studies, grouped below by age level, students can improve many important aspects of flute playing and musicianship. In addition to some of the books below, students are also required to have a metronome/tuner and a notebook for lessons.

Beginner Level

  • Rubank: Elementary Method
  • Trevor Wye: A Beginner’s Book for the Flute Part One
  • Mel Bay: Flute Handbook
  • Forty Little Pieces in Progressive Order for Beginner Flutists

Intermediate Level (7th-9th grade)

  • Trevor Wye: Practice Book for the Flute Vol. 1, Tone
  • Mel Bay: The Flutist’s Companion
  • Moyse: 24 Little Melodic Studies
  • Rubank: Intermediate Method
  • Cavally: 24 Short Concert Pieces for Flute & Piano


  • Melodious and Progressive Studies for Flute
  • Taffanel & Gaubert 17 Big Daily Finger Exercises for the Flute
  • Rubank Advanced Methods Vol. 1 & 2
  • Trevor Wye Practice Books for the Flute: Vol. 2 (Technique), Vol. 3 (Articulation), Vol. 4 (Intonation & Vibrato), Vol. 5 (Breathing & Scales)
  • Voxman: Selected Studies
  • Reichert: Seven Daily Exercises for Flute
  • Anderson Studies: Opus 15, Opus 33